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Cruising World Reviews The Little Wing 15.5 Sail

12 January 2010

Bill Springer, senior editor of Cruising World, recently tried out our Little Wing 15.5 Sail model. He posted a video review online:

"Look Ma, no hands. As soon as the lightest of zephyrs hit the full-battened mainsail, I realized this is way more than simply a kayak with a sailing rig. It’s a light and greasy-fast carbon fiber kayak that easily converts into bona fide trimaran with speed to burn."

View the video: Cruising World's Review

Around Americas with LittleWing

Around the Americas - Paddling With Whales

15 June 2009

The Around The America's crew was looking for the best touring kayak that they could find for adventuring off of the deck of their 64 foot steel Cutter, the Ocean Watch. They wanted a light kayak that they could throw off of the deck in a hurry and lower a paddler into the cockpit. It needed to be strong, fast, seaworthy and safe in arctic sea temperatures. A little Wing 12.5 and a Little Wing 14 were selected and were mounted over the stern. The Kayaks were paddled all over North and South America.

"I hadn't paddled more than twenty yards when a big "whoosh" was unleashed behind me and I almost had a heart attack. A granddaddy of a humpback had sounded just astern, and it was a good thing I was upwind, for if I'd been down, I'd have been soaked in his mist. I spun the kayak around and got right up on his quarter-I was feeling much braver now-and all of a sudden his distinctive tale rose from the sea, directly abeam. There was a big piece of kelp on his fluke and for the briefest of moments I thought I should reach out with my paddle and flick it off. But I was too awestruck to move."

Around The Americas' Website

LittleWing San Francisco Bay

Cruising World - A Shark Bite on Frisco Bay

3 June 2009

"We were back on the beach a little less than three hours after we'd set off. I'd wanted a taste of blue rollers and moving seas before heading north into less forgiving waters, and the Little Wings had passed our sea trials with flying colors." - Cruising World's Editor-At-Large Herb McCormick

Read the entire article: A Shark Bite on Frisco Bay

Men's Journal LittleWing article

Men's Journal - 97 Perfect Things

1 September 2007

Men's Journal has selected the Little Wing kayak as one of their "97 Perfect Things"!

"The design is pure pulchritude - part Jaguar XKE, part Angelina Jolie - but eminently practical."

Download a pdf of the article: Objects of Desire: The Winged Kayak

Salem Gazette LittleWing article

Salem Gazette - Salt Water in their Veins

28 June 2007

"While Zac returns the sleek boats to their places in the showroom, and cool drops of saltwater drip and puddle on the cement floor, Ted watches him with pride. His family is doing what they love, and they’re able to share their passion and experience with others. Other than a long paddle on a quiet stretch of sea, what more could one ask for?"

Salt Water in their Veins.
IDSA Ted Warren Keynote Speaker

Industrial Design Society of America - Ted Warren Keynote Speaker

1 April 2007

Co-founder and president of Warren Light Craft, Ted Warren, will give the keynote address at this year's IDSA Southern District Conference in Charleston, SC:

"Warren, a MIT educated design engineer with 40 years of active product design experience, ignored the conventional wisdom of the 1970s that one had better be in management by the age of 35 and continues to be an innovative design engineer today. He discovered his passion for design after college when he designed and built a twelve-side house in a rural setting. Over the years, he has been employed by corporations, worked as a consultant, and now is President and Co-founder of Warren Light Craft. Designing boats is now his passion and has resulted in many well-focused designs of trimarans, catamarans, proas, canoes and kayaks."

Canoe and Kayak - Little Wing Featured on Cover

16 November 2006

We are excited to announce that Canoe & Kayak Magazine has selected our Little Wing 18 model for the cover of their 2007 Buyer's Guide.

Eagle Tribune article

Eagle Tribune - On The Cutting Edge

3 October 2006

"Ted Warren had been designing and building ultra-light, trimaran sailboats for 25 years before he and his son started Warren Light Craft in 2005, and he integrated his experience, along with materials and engineering, into the Little Wing, a lightweight, carbon-fiber kayak that recently received a gold recognition from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)."

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Business Week

BusinessWeek - Taking a Flier on Little Wing

11 August 2006

"It was not exactly heavy lifting. At 32 pounds, the carbon-fiber craft is one of the lightest and fastest in its class. I was planning a nice reliable sit in the water paddling the kayak across Long Island Sound for a fundraising event. But suddenly I had the equivalent of a Ferrari on my hands. Even the paint, from the Dutch specialty chemical maker Akzo Nobel, was Ferrari red, and the finish was hand-polished to a glistening sheen."

Read the full article.
IDEA Gold Medal

IDEA Gold Award - The Little Wing Kayak Design Wins Gold!

30 June 2006

Warren Light Craft's innovative kayak design wins gold at the 2006 Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) competition. Each year, IDSA, in conjunction with BusinessWeek magazine, sponsors an international design competition, the Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA). A jury of leaders in the design world picked just 27 gold winners out of a pool of 1,533 entries, all judged on the basis of design excellence, highlighting aesthetics, engineering and usability.